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Since the beginning of time, man was created for the sole purpose of protecting his woman and providing for the family. But lately, the woman has now turned out to be the one needing that protection ironically from her own man.  It gets to me seeing a woman cry all because of a man that claims to love but treats her like trash.  I know it’s wrong because my Dad taught me better than to have woman cry out of pain I have caused her to go through.

Like C’mon. Y’all meet and profess your love for each other, the lady decides to overlook your ratchet past and maybe your low financial situation and moves in with you in the small room you call home and that you even struggle to pay rent, gives you her all, sacrifices the little cash she gets from her parents and does shopping in readiness of the rainy weather just incase so that you don’t sleep hungry.

What does she get in return?  The sorry excuse of a guy unleashes his demons on her when he sees his situation improving financially. He feels that he got all the power over her and even sees it correct to hit her. Bruh! That doesn’t prove that you’re manly trust me. Instead it shows you as a hypocritical demon, childish and immature boy with low self-esteem and narrow or rather shady moral upbringing. I don’t care if I know you but I have to say it. The kids on the streets treat your woman with more respect than you do.

That woman in your house loves you if she hasn’t already stopped it and replaced the love with fear of her own life and uncertainty of her future.  If you’re lucky she’ll ‘vumilia ‘ all the emotional and physical abuse that you moron put her through and give up everything for you despite her unhappiness of which you won’t even notice, BUT NOT FOR LONG!!

My quarrel also goes to that guy that has a woman in the house and is probably a Mum to his kids but makes her feel like trash and unworthy of LOVE. She stays at home maybe after quitting her well paying job or that education to take care of you and your kids. Instead of appreciating efforts and sacrifices of this selfless woman you shamelessly take the role of god and dictator in the house. god of the house my foot! Ordering her around the house and demeaning her status in the house in the presence of the kids she gave birth to. What example are you portraying to the kids goddammit!!

She cooks for you, does laundry, teaches your kids to love you despite the blows they witness you giving their selfless and helpless Mum. She gains weight from stress eating and the process of giving birth but instead of loving the poor woman, you make her feel like trash, fat, ugly and lower her self esteem to a point where she’s damaged beyond repair. Adding salt to the injury now that you have cash, you go flashing it to any Sheilas, Carols and whatever their names are since you consider them sexier and more beautiful than the woman you leave in the house taking care of everything else other than her own life.

Well, a woman needs to be loved and appreciated like she is.  Yes they push our buttons but that’s what they’re meant to do, to keep you on your toes and tell you when you’re doing right or wrong. That same woman you deem worthless, ugly and other nasty words will one day decide she’s had enough of that crap and you’ll do nothing about it.  You might also be lucky to ever see your kids ever again..

To all the lovely ladies out there reading this, please know your worth and don’t allow yourselves to go through all that BS for a non existent love. There’s always a man out there that sees you beautiful, sexy, strong and loves you for who you’re….



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