On to serious matters now. For a while I’ve been doing a follow up on these NGOs that are constantly popping up in every corner of this country. I believe that each and every one of those organizations have a mission to accomplish and their work is clearly positive no complaints.  

Then there are the organizations that are 100% fighting for the rights of our girl child. They’re vigorous in their activities be it CSR or peaceful protests for girls and women.  Everywhere and everyone is fighting for the girls. Where do we as the Boy Child come in? 

If you would allow me to go back in the days, a family getting male children was a joy  in a community. The presence of a boy symbolized the continuation of a legacy, family name, a generation.  A male child was also added security in a family.  With the fathers away in the forest hunting, the boys are left to take care of the homestead, herding cattle, taking their younger sisters to the market and the stream. Boys were very important to a family as you can see. 

Well as they say, things do evolve. Here I not only limit imagination to technology.  I mean, the once pride of the family slowly became a burden to the same people who hailed them. How you may ask. It’s simple..  That strong boy turned man comes of age and decides that he too wants to get himself a family.  Marriage.  As a norm in many communities, the boy or man pays dowry to the girl’s family. This means that the bigger the number of boys, the more cows and goats the family needs to give out as dowry.. 

Boys were now viewed as a loss and people started embracing the girls that were fixed to the kitchen, house chores and children and they became a source of income for the family. True?  Girls got prepped and pampered by their mothers for the eventual result. Look good and educated for the husband. 

That was back then. Now the current situation is that NGOs are all armed guns blazing fighting for the human, social, economical rights of the girls and women. All out condemning early marriages for the sake of their education, condemning FGM acts countrywide. Before you decide to rule that I support FGM lemme make it clear.  I DON’T SUPPORT IT. 

My only question is where did our Boy Child go wrong? The community we live in now has abandoned the boys in all ways and ages. You disagree?  Well okay lemme explain. There has always been statistics that are released in the education sector during major examinations.  Current situation is that the girls have risen in number and  performance against the dropping status of the boys. 

We are happy that the girls are rising and doing better in class but where are the boys going? Going to families that have a humble struggling background for instance. This will mean that there’s the uncertainty of school fees. This will mean that the boys drop out of school and go back to the farm and livestock.  Worse still, humble background and let’s say four kids, two boys and two girls. Here the boys will have to sacrifice their education for the sake of their younger sisters in the name of securing a bright future. 

We see people contributing large sums of money to provide exercise books, pens and sanitary towels for girl schools. I mean let’s be serious here.. Does that mean that the boys in poor schools don’t use exercise books or the ball points? Well they don’t use sanitary towels alright but they use soap and towels right? The boy child is fighting alot of neglect issues but no one lifts a finger to right the wrong. The only thing they get is pressure from the parents with phrases like; ‘SOMA, PALE NJE HAKUNA HURUMA AMA CHA BURE ‘ <READ, OUT THERE THERE’S NO MERCY OR CHARITY ‘

The girls that are empowered, educated and employed will someday want to have their own families.  So in this situation who do they meet?  Remember those boys that dropped out of school for their sisters and are hustling out there doing odd jobs due to the only basic vowels they learnt in school ? Maybe she’ll be sympathetic towards the guy and decide to settle down with him but not because of what he can offer reasoning wise and financially but maybe the looks and masculinity to help out in the house heavy lifting. These are the same men out there that face husband battering from the original source no edits. To whom will he run to?  Left right women empowerment programs. The only place he can go is the ‘maendeleo ya wanaume ‘ programme which again is all shadowed by the other million and one women empowerment organizations. 

With all this neglect, the Boy Child is vulnerable and out on his own. This even with the constant presence of the parents who’ll by far pressure this young man oftenly leads to drugs. All eyes on him to be someone of value to the community pushes them to depression which is a crude ingredient for crime, drug abuse and final straw, SUICIDE. The ladies have received this attention from all over to an extent that the guys have to now work for them since they are the BOSSES 

I don’t know. I might have my own displaced school of thought but I’m sure that this will relate to someone or even help the birth of a Boy Child empowerment program too. So many boys and men out there are going through alot and due to our EGOS would not admit or even talk about it but imagine it for a second that there was someone who you as a guy would go to with your problem and they rehabilitate you and boost your confidence.  Just imagine how equal rights would apply right there.. They say life is a collage but BLACK AND WHITE is all we get… 



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