Superiority complex kicks in… 

struggle evident in the flag
2017. A very significant year in Kenya. It’s 5am queueing time…. Election year. As expected everyone is now a political analyst to their clueless friends, including me. We criticize every aspirant running for any democratic elected seat but that’s because we want the best leaders for us. I guess…. 

Kenyan elections have been known for their history making no doubt marred with ups and downs. No Kenyan can forget the most darkest time of all not excluding the Coup, terrorist attacks that spilled innocent blood….  The 2007-2008 Post Election Violence. A tough time for everyone who witnessed or fell victim of it. 

That’s the time we all witnessed the darkness TRIBALISM carries. Friends, neighbors, Kenyans turning on each other just because of a mere excuse.. TRIBE and the dangerous SUPERIORITY COMPLEX.  No need of going into details of what really transpired.. It’s a painful memory to forget. 

The 42tribes in Kenya live in harmony with each other but I never get the change when it comes to elections.  The superiority complex kicks in.  Leaders we trust feel that they are better than their opponents and they in the end decide to carry with them in wars, ‘ their people ‘    This my good people isn’t the way to go anymore don’t you agree? 

After election dust settles we again in unison decide that we should never again go back to such practices. Good decision right there and I applaud each and everyone of us for that. Slogans come up and we live by those slogans until….. The next elections.  Again what we had fought so hard to extinguish is back.  Verbal tribal wars, incitement and the complex. It’s election year so what?  That doesn’t mean we have the right to once again refer to each other by our tribes. 

Just the other day I passed through the famous Tom Mboya statue in Nairobi and I was shocked.  I find a crowd gathered listening to some guy talking about our Riftvalley brothers and sisters. I detest tribe classification so I didn’t sit and listen to what the delusional guy was saying but I was shocked.  The guts of this to stand in the middle of town and talk about how bad a certain tribe is and more shocking is the number of the audience.  These guys are taking us back to Egypt.  That land we as Kenyans never want to go back to.  

As in why can’t we all practice our political enthusiasm and affiliations at the ballot? Support whichever side that tickles your fancy politically and keep to yourself about it?  I stand as a proud Kenyan and detest what these paid goons out there are trying to do. We have had alot of bloodshed and suffering and some of our friends, neighbors are still going through the trauma and pain of what happened.  Why return us? 

Let’s all take a chill 💊 pill and practice our National Anthem  and sobriety..  Remember that  Kenya Ni Wewe Na Mimi!!!