Extrajudicial justice???

A few days ago there was a video of police officers killing some kids on the road. They were apparently suspected thugs who terrorized the life out of Eastleigh residents. They were on a robbery mission the police say. Personally I’m still disturbed by the broad daylight killings and the out right show of force by the flying squad police. The mixed reactions to this video show the different stands we all take on this matter.

Some people may say its justice served since one way or the other they have fallen victim to these gang related violent acts. Some feel that it is an example set for the gangs out there that it’s what they get for the evil deeds they have done. Activists on the other hand are of the opinion of Human Rights and alternative measures on situation. 

 I think that there’s a better and civil way to go about this though. 

According to the Amnesty International Report released in October 2016, Kenya was ranked top in Africa. Top in Extra judicial killings. It had a crazy figure of 122 killings in Kenya alone,out of 177 cases in Africa. 

Looking at the statistics, it’s really worrying. Mind you that was in 2016. I feel that it’s more worrying that these killings are perpetrated by the very people the public depends on. Yes, I agree that the gangs are a menace but these members are human beings like all of us. We don’t know what made them get into this life but I still feel that there’s a way they can be helped out of it. 

Human Rights ought to be protected no matter the situation. Looking at it from a cops perspective, the gang members might have retaliated and they felt safer by showing force. Okay but what next? 

The Eastleigh gang,  super power   will want to revenge their loss and that would mean that the people are not yet out of the woods. Just proving a point that instead of the public execution style of justice, why shouldn’t the authorities take a different rehabilitation approach?

But once again that’s my own opinion. What do you think? 

Do you  believe that justice delayed is justice denied or an opportunity for sound and reasonable handling of a societal problem? 




32 thoughts on “Extrajudicial justice???”

  1. Security is state responsibility, hence the govt owes it to its citizens, failed states tend to align to violating Human Rights and posing threats to gain legitimacy. That was very uncalled for

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  2. Personaly, I have not seen the glusome video idk why, but than why? Why did the bouy in blue does not have any right to shoot at an already surrendered so called thug, first a person is always not guilty until proven to be in a court of law,the guy had the chance to do according to the goddamn constitution which we all live by or better still the TEN COMMANDMENTS, I cant recall which one it is but there’s one that says thou shall not kill…
    Fuck the system man..
    Nice piece bruh..
    we should hook up

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  3. What makes today’s EJKs particularly complicated is that the victims are considered undesirable members of society. Notice that when activists or rebels are summarily executed, their families and the communities that they have served immediately demand justice. Human rights groups, whose orientation has traditionally been, and for good reason, to protect the rights of political dissenters immediately investigate and act to prevent more killings. Networks of organizations are easily formed to hold the perpetrators to account. Long story short, Everything is accepted as a consequence of the victims’ alleged illegal activities but not in light to EJK. The first challenge is for the public to denounce it. OUTRAGE is needed for the government to change its policy.

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    1. Yeah that’s true. I agree with you on the public approach to denounce EJK but then the Govt should like swoop in and do something about the rehabilitation program. And also activists should stop their ’emotional outbursts ‘ when such stuff happens and create these rehab centers for future.


  4. They ought to have been hanged and fire lit under their feet…their death was too quick….let them feel the pain of all the families they’ve terrorized

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  5. Extrajudicial killing is wrong! What some people choose to believe,iyo ni yao..Why kill them if you can reahabilitate them?How does a cop shoot thieves who have surrendered and are unarmed,in broad daylight before the public. He even asks for another gun to finish killing one of them. This is all sorts of wrong.

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  6. The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you cannot bear to do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die. They didn’t deserve to die like dogs on the street.

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  7. I second u sir….We should learn to give people second chances rehabilitation is beter
    unless they pose a threat to officers who are after them but killing surrended people in public is no justice at all btw to me the officer who did this is no hero..(I don’t support thieves too)

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    1. True. A second chance in a controlled environment never hurt anyone. The guy surrendered but just as a muscle flex show the cop killed him. No hero at all


  8. I am caught between letting it happen and having mercy upon the offenders.
    This whole issue when lined up with the Bible takes me back to Romans 6:23 as well as the cases of Deuteronomy on how to handle this.
    Frankly if we are deep in sin this is the curse we get.
    I think we should pray for more guidance and acceptance of the LORD and HIS instruction if we are to avoid this otherwise we can’t even make it past darkness on the first level.

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