Archaical standards?

We all have witnessed the drama brought by the ‘men in green’  manning roadblocks at night ordering grown people to blow into a beeping incriminating device. Drivers jumping off moving cars or driving over spikes to avoid that hefty 100,000Ksh fine. 

By citizen tv

Last week revellers got relieved when the courts revoked the use of breathalysers,alcoblow by NTSA sighting it a violation of the traffic act. This  relief wouldn’t last though as the authority stood its ground despite the ruling,typical Kenyan style. 

NTSA has arrogantly defied the court ruling and increased vigilance on the roads as witnessed during the weekend against these, rogue drunk drivers. 

Is bullying of drivers on our highways civil? I believe that not everyone on the road at 3am in the morning is stupid drunk.  Where does all the money from the fines they drop on ‘offenders ‘ go? My opinion, I feel like its another pyramid scheme collecting in broad daylight. Where are NTSA awareness boards?  Where are your advertisements on tv, radio? 

Personally, I have been a recipient and not a victim  of drunk driving on a near personal level and I believe that NTSA  is a step closer to making our roads safer,but my concern is the way they handle people. We all know and have our rights and instead of harassing a section of people for cash and example setting, why not  crank up on awareness? 

I feel that for an institution like the National Transport and Safety Authority, I feel like the fact that it chose not to adhere to the court ruling too is a wanting image for the course they are fighting for. Like why should I appear to a court hearing to get my fine and you on the other hand brush off the court’s decision? 



14 thoughts on “Archaical standards?”

  1. How i dream ,that i will woke up in my Dream Land Kenya that Daniel Moi heavily Protected ,4 now My Land(Kenya) has become a home Of one Family…yes the Corrupt Goons

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  2. Sure it’s corrupt in getting money but tell me this… What if one of our loved ones got killed by a drunk driver who showed no remorse like the former GM boss who killed a guard with his Range Rover and claimed “gari imeharibika na pia the guy is dead so zimekanja”. How would you feel bro?

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  3. Justice in the Kenyan system depends on the depth of one’s pocket and power. Implementors of the rule of law are above it it seems. #OffwithAlcoblow.😎

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