Blue uniform shenanigans. 

Let’s talk about police brutality today. We all have for different reasons been victims to our men in blue and their unrealistic behavior. We all know that they are there to serve and protect but do they really? 

Police beating up an activist.

I for one would love to meet a cop at those hours of the night, who would just stop me, ask me if I’m okay and tell me to stay safe.  That’s a long shot I know but is it possible? Nowadays people see cops or that cop car ‘mariamu ‘ and their instincts just tell them to run. Why? 
Once you get nabbed by those arrogant, stone faced ninjas all you can afford to think of is bail money.  It doesn’t matter the level of PR skills you have, that cop will rough you up in the name of security and public safety. Confidently flex their muscle and blatantly threaten to write all kinds of offences on your charge sheet just to show who is boss. 

Borrowed traumatizing picture

What’s your name? Who is your father? What are you doing out at night? Unataka kulala ndani gi-chana? Wapi kitambulisho? Nyinyi ndio mnahangaisha watu usiku kwa makona? Whether you are in that expensive suit or not, these questions will hit you. 

Away from the wee hour sagas, look at the way they handle people in peaceful riots. We all remember the case of that young man who got roughed up by our so called security. 

Police beating up a non responsive guy

I mean, if I come to you for a permit to go and rant about an issue in the streets, the Kenyan way, why beat me up for it? I believe that we as citizens have the freedom of expression and since your job description is security, stick to it or rather join the tae kwon do or kick boxing team if you can’t resist the urge to throw punches and kicks. 
I love our men in blue alright but should they be violent for respect?  Is that a requirement in your training? Please enlighten us who to look up to for safety. We need to feel safe around you guys but it’s the other way around. 



28 thoughts on “Blue uniform shenanigans. ”

  1. I like this piece. Truth be told. Especially the Swahili part of … Unataka kulala ndani gi-chana? Let there be some mutual honour, not the idea of running away from the land rover since the only place inaeza kupeleka Ni ndaaaani

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  2. I concur ….with u…..police should provide….and guarantee….security…..to wananchi….and it should b friendly….the only thing…i tottaly disagree is wat u term as peacful demos…where on earth u carry crude weapons….and go looting…peoples property…then u call it peaceful….

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        1. There’s no way to differentiate between hooligans and peaceful attendees, true. But the police are there to give moderation. I’d say they’re too blood hungry though because instead of ensuring safety of the protesters, they rain havoc on both innocent and guilty parties


    1. The police in kenya behave as though your fighting eith a thief or arguing with a tourt. They have no courtesy at all an one would rather get rob than get arrested. They harass campas kids shamelessly asking them to bribe them. The list is endless. I dont think there is any child that would want to growup and be a policeman besides there own. I do not refuse there are some human cops but 1 in 100. Never will you find a reasonable cop especially in nairobi and on th major towns. I think they leave hearts in kiganjo.

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      1. It’s like they’re told to treat everyone like a criminal and beat people up. It’s really worrying that you can’t get anything done by the cops if you don’t have money or status


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