After watching 13 reasons why, I came to see the light on this overlooked problem, cyberbullying. It’s a simple thing as enjoying someone on social media. It’s fun till it’s not. We all have, no matter how small or funny it is. 
Truth be told, the person on the receiving end bears all the burden and pain of feeling unloved and above all, imagine the Low self-esteem issues s/he gets not forgetting the suicidal thoughts in mind. 

An example closer to us is the famous Gait trolls. KOT or rather Kenyans on social media broke him to pieces. Ninja cried on national Tv lamenting how bad it felt and how much of a joke he has been made to look.  

With the Meme trend on the rise, no one is safe… Kids, parents, artists  politicians, Joshuas. Sarcastic truth though, some of the victims like trolls because it’s publicity but question is what of the non celebrity peeps facing bullying? 

Cyberbullying is when a person uses digital technology to deliberately and repeatedly harass, humiliate, embarrass, torment, threaten, pick on or intimidate another person.Cyberbullying happens in lots of different ways – by mobile phone, text messages and email, in online games, and through social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Snapchat and Instagram.

Going on social media to talk about politics too is a pretty example of self bullying. You ask how? You wake up browse through the platforms and see some ninja tarnishing your favorite politician’s name online. What do you do? Join conversation and start arguments and hurling insults. What do you gain apart from getting angry? 

The popular Telegram. Yes you know where I’m going with this. As youths yes we get to have fun and I don’t think there’s a problem but the issue is the consequences of it. The expose channels for instance are part of the bullying. 

That’s how they make money and you fuelling the business by providing them with the material are one and the same. 

Are you part of this wave or do you want to be the change? 



Generation Invasion!

There’s this emerging trend from our female friends of classifying men or boys in relation to their pockets.  Yes, that sponsor trend. We as the ‘small ‘ boys are pushed to a corner by girls of our age since we have nothing to give them financially.  Consequentially, as our father figures are out chasing our beautiful born partners, the mother figures have also risen from their so called slumber and are all over the internet and entertainment spots eyeing the broke jobless ninjas of our generation.

 This change of culture is evidently been embraced in our day to day lives as now the older women are marrying young guys and young girls are being married off to the older men. 

Love has become an extinct word in our millenials’ dictionary. -Cera. 

A few days ago we saw a 70yr old man marry an 18yr old girl in Nigeria.  I don’t know about you but I don’t see any love in it. 

Controversial image of the apparent wedding in Nigeria
Convenience is key nowadays and the youths of today don’t really care about the path they take, as long as they pop those ‘botis’in those big boy clubs and splash it all over social media. I mean this is a combination of mid life crisis participants and peer influenced high life perception on the youth of my generation meaning NO LOVE

Big boy Club 

Both parties in my opinion are users and invaders of the general cycle of life. Like the young ladies and guys are leaving people of their age bracket for older guys who have the financial capacity to fuel their fun, ratchet lives and the older guys are there for fun. I don’t know but before I generalize everything and you bash me, I know that there’s the ‘age is just but a number‘ battalion who actually have genuine love for each other. 

I believe that there’s love out there and it doesn’t matter who you love,broke or rich. What matters is what one gets from the relationship they are in. Hey! That’s my opinion again so question is ,do y’all think there can be pure love in a relationship without the money aspect coming in?