Generation Invasion!

There’s this emerging trend from our female friends of classifying men or boys in relation to their pockets.  Yes, that sponsor trend. We as the ‘small ‘ boys are pushed to a corner by girls of our age since we have nothing to give them financially.  Consequentially, as our father figures are out chasing our beautiful born partners, the mother figures have also risen from their so called slumber and are all over the internet and entertainment spots eyeing the broke jobless ninjas of our generation.

 This change of culture is evidently been embraced in our day to day lives as now the older women are marrying young guys and young girls are being married off to the older men. 

Love has become an extinct word in our millenials’ dictionary. -Cera. 

A few days ago we saw a 70yr old man marry an 18yr old girl in Nigeria.  I don’t know about you but I don’t see any love in it. 

Controversial image of the apparent wedding in Nigeria
Convenience is key nowadays and the youths of today don’t really care about the path they take, as long as they pop those ‘botis’in those big boy clubs and splash it all over social media. I mean this is a combination of mid life crisis participants and peer influenced high life perception on the youth of my generation meaning NO LOVE

Big boy Club 

Both parties in my opinion are users and invaders of the general cycle of life. Like the young ladies and guys are leaving people of their age bracket for older guys who have the financial capacity to fuel their fun, ratchet lives and the older guys are there for fun. I don’t know but before I generalize everything and you bash me, I know that there’s the ‘age is just but a number‘ battalion who actually have genuine love for each other. 

I believe that there’s love out there and it doesn’t matter who you love,broke or rich. What matters is what one gets from the relationship they are in. Hey! That’s my opinion again so question is ,do y’all think there can be pure love in a relationship without the money aspect coming in? 



29 thoughts on “Generation Invasion!”

  1. It all depends on what you want in a relationship, if what you want is in a 70 year old then go for it,but the bottom line is do not allow society or peers to influence your decision.

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  2. I think it all depends on how you look at it… I am not saying i want him for his money but shouldnt the man be able to take care of a woman whom he claims as his woman. When did it become a crime to look for what you want and most of these men know exactly What these girls are looking for…

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      1. It is his responsibility to do so. The woman is not obligated to take care of him, and if she does, she prefers to take care of someone with money. Its just the bitter truth.
        To me Love is subjective to what we both bring to the table. And the man should bring more than the woman

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          1. He should provide… Roles in the society are important.

            In the old when men were men😂 he dint have excuses he did his best and the woman was understanding.

            In this days… A man comes inside the house, drunk and dares to tell me he has no money ???

            My kids need food, clothes and shelter, and sometimes to go out.

            My friend, we shall not play that game.

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  3. It’s all in our morals. None, of good morals would consider breaking marriages in the name of having a sponsor…

    Similarly,we are having a lazy generation,where guys just wanna wake up & get everything under one roof,live up & post on their IG profiles how they balled over the past weekend.


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  4. Indulge me for a moment, but do tell if what i say is true.
    I am not in support of any behaviour being promoted in our generation. But when you think about it, all this has stemmed from a place of distrust.
    Example, the ladies can agree, financial sustainability and dependency is always a key to ensure her children and herself live a better life.

    The young men in our time, and am sorry, very few take up responsibility for anything. They want to “(common slang nowadays in kenya) team mafisi, hit hit hit until the woman runs).. And God forbid he hit and scored na mtoto came into the mix….

    What am saying is, we are all running in circles of momentum…

    This 18 year old is now very much settled, she has no financial worries for the next couple of years, she shall endure being married to someone old enough to be a grandfather for some years.

    Later in life with all her riches and businesses, she finds a young “man” who just wants to Hit Hit and no responsibility.

    And the Kids take up the same in later life….

    What we should ask ourselves is, how it started, then we can address this better.

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          1. Freedom for them to do what they need to do. And in most cases its actually not an immoral freedom.

            Women, from ages ago, preferred getting married to someone they could depend upon.

            If its a boy toy, who wont be all in her business cause they will loose a wealthy Cougar or sugar mama….

            Or an old man who feels lucky to have a young wife.

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  5. What can be done to curb it? this SPONSOR thing has become almost recognizable as a full time job. Very disheartening.Then again the problem starts with us as individuals. What are we teaching our children, the youth, our friends? Are we sensitizing them in regard to this matter?

    Everywhere nowadays that word SPONSOR/ BLESSER flows so easily out of our mouths. We have made it seem like an involuntary reflex, yet i think it should be taboo. #justmyopinion

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  6. Great Insight but the problem is being fueled by our main stream media the moment you glorify the likes of Kim Kardashian and sugarcoat prostitution with names like sponsor/ blesser

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