Beautiful Darkness!!

We as Kenyans at times have this phase that shows how deeply united we are as a nation, show our love to our motherland Kenya. Oh that’s a beautiful moment alright and just when we are about to settle in the moment, darkness sets in. Sounds familiar right?

Six days ago we were all cheerful of our preferred leaders, urged everyone to cast their votes and head home peacefully as Kenya is and will remain bigger than all of us. I’m proud to admit that the turnout was on the record high and everything else was peaceful. I’m proud of my fellow countrymen.

That was beautiful and patriotic until it was not. I don’t know how that politician you support would come over to your house and ask you what you lost when you went chaotic burning up houses, shops and even the health utilities good samaritans helped put up for you. I just don’t understand how it jumped from we are one to who do you support.

Bus attack in Mathare

When are we ever going to learn that when you go out there blood thirsty killing your neighbor in the name of tribe is us inflicting pain on ourselves? So my preferred candidate didn’t win that particular post lemme run to the streets and burn shit up. Stupid is as stupid does.

The darkness hidden in people at times just freaks me out personally . We subject ourselves to pain which we can avoid . You and I as neighbors have nothing to gain from the power play . We can’t play judge and jury with violence . There is a constitutional solution for every single query we have .

An election day is a day for a people to come together and vote in who they want as their leader. There has to be a winner and of course a loser. Whichever way it goes we still have to go back to our normal day to day lives not fighting each other or calling each other names on the basis of who they voted for. Not going to the street and trying to show how strong we are .

Let’s say it like it is. Kenya has alot of tribes and those don’t need to matter at any point of time or situation . Just the way football unites us in our locals let’s get this damage over with and unite .



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