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Magical Thompson

Magical!!! It is that awesome feeling you get when you see or feel something out of this world. That’s according to my definition though.
I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was cold, too cold in fact. Tired I was due to the long hours it took by road to get there. WAH! Its quite a distance. Even worse, the sitting in traffic was torturing although it gave me ample time to look at the beautiful escarpment. It was a breathtaking scenery. I could not help but wonder what was really waiting for me.
Remember that childhood excitement you got when your parents announced that trip to the BIG city? That sleepless night you got just thinking about the city that you had only heard of. And the countless times you had to clean those small worn out black shoes in your closet. That was the thrill and excitement I felt on that day.
Finally we got to the falls.
Awesome! Magnificent! Wonderful! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Up-to-date, I cant explain the feeling I got upon seeing the scenery.
I was all smiles and all over the place; curios, the wooden platforms marked as viewpoints. I was out of control ha-ha. All that time wondering why the locals were all calm while I was too turned up. The roaring of the waters falling over 72 meters and pounding the big rocks at the base of the fall was just something else…
Walking down the hill into the thick bushes with confusing tracks , slippery rocks acting as staircases and not forgetting the countless warnings ; ‘’BEWARE OF MUGGINGS IF YOU WALK ALONE’’ ,all I could think of was how it would look like with sun rays shinning through the falls, water drops and the green thicket.
The reflection in the little pools of water in the cave was WOW; for lack of better expression!! I wished the moment would last forever or even better, become a caveman and just experience this beauty everyday (wild thought). I hope that the management will build a camping site there by the time I go back. Yes I’m planning to go back
Hectic as it was climbing up the rocks and the heavy breaths involved. All I could say is that the whole trip was worth it.
With time not on our side, I took the last photograph just thinking about the landscape and the beauty of the falls near the equator. My friends too could not contain their excitement.
This is definitely a place to visit again and maybe try out bungee jumping while at it, LOL just kidding.
I just felt native and wild. Well, I guess it comes with the place. Thompson Falls in Nyahururu, Laikipia County is definitely a place to visit again.