Brainstorm ideas needed prt 2

So, 3days ago I shared a story about this pal of mine who had his heart broken by a girl he loved. He has allowed me to publish the story since as he said, would help you guys if you ever found yourself in such a mess.

A while back, Tito, not his real name, broke up with his girlfriend of 4 years. This was a girl that he had considered to be a life partner and even went ahead to make plans for the future. Little had he known that this lovely relationship would bear a disastrous turn which would even escalate to a point where he’d try committing suicide.

Twas around 9am yesterday when I received a call from a neighbor that Tito was just from hospital and is on suicide watch. That hit me hard. It left me speechless and overwhelmed by thoughts. How could something so beautiful as love, turn into this ugly faced situation? To an extent that someone could hate his own life and existence..

We all have gone through such situations minus the suicide thoughts maybe… But it doesn’t spell out the end of the world in my own point of view. I don’t know about you, but I think talking to someone about your situation helps a whole lot.


Brainstorm ideas needed

Many a times,were told to think with our brains and not our hearts. If we do listen to those wise words, only our broken hearts can tell the tales. I rarely do this but lemme just share a story.

Have y’all ever had this one girl that you would do anything for but later turns into a devil in Angel Gabriel’s cloack? 😂 My ninja will tell you that he has seen the worst life could offer. He gave everything and as karmafied as life is, gave him the bitter lemons anyone could bite. IDK about advice but as a caring friend we’re still drinking weeks after the ordeal. All he talks about is this girl day in day out hadi tunamtoroka.. 😂

It’s a short piece this one… Is love that heartless or is it heartless to the fools that encounter it ? Help brothers out here…. Next piece, tupatane Solai dams.


Man eat man society…

The gap between the rich and the poor in the country we live in has grown at a very alarming rate and has continuously been evident and felt across. From education, jobs across to healthcare,only a portion of the Kenyan population has benefited directly.

There needs to be Pro-Poor policies and continuous investment in healthcare and education to ensure that the benefits of economic growth trickle down to the bottom of the pyramid rather than being concentrated in the hands of a few.

Despite these calls, the same sectors continue to fail miserably due to corruption and embezzlement from officials incharge. Take education for example, as much as the Govt. is trying to execute and improve free primary education, it has faced too many obstacles on the way and the conditions of our public schools where the ordinary Kenyan takes their children continues to drop and an increase of expensive private schools is seen. Avenues for the wealthy to give their own children better education as the ordinary mwanachi’s child struggles.

The same kids have to fight for the few to zero jobs available after receiving their basic education with those kids who got high end sponsorship which come with sophisticated connections that the ordinary wanjiku doesn’t have. How fair? ?

Today we’ve seen the Health Secretary Dr. Cleopa Mailu suspend a directive the National Health Insurance Fund issued to all contributors and beneficiaries limiting their outpatient visits to only FOUR PER YEAR. This would leave the contributors to the pain of Out-of-pocket spending whenever they ail. Classic Greed Move. This would leave young children, covered as beneficiaries under a principal member most affected. The same regulations the NHIF openly defended that they were meant to curb fraudelent claims.

How long will the NHIF continue taking in corporate clients from private insurance companies and treat them as kings at half price and neglecting the poor mwananchi? -Private Insurance Corespondent.

Like who does that to their own contributors who for all we know can’t afford the private medical insurance cover plans all in the name of improving services? Further more, as this continues to happen, these sectors continue to be marked with member strikes each and everyday due to poor or lack of pay. The same Kenyans who can’t afford expensive alternatives.

For how long will this go on? For how long will we have to suffer under this greedy vultures ?



Form 34 Fed up!

We ought to find humor in these dark times I guess and Kenya never lacks political drama. This week we have seen a back to back series of chaos filled events. We saw this younging, stand infront of a crowd and call H.E the President Kenyatta, mtoto wa mbwa .

I’m still trying to figure out who he was trying to impress by calling someone’s mother a dog. Like seriously dude! Grow a beard or learn some manners! Its politics I understand but getting to that extent of bringing someone’s mom into it was a low play from this member of parliament.

These immature utterances led unfolded alot of bitter feelings from the President’s home ground and the so called sleeping giants awoke. We all saw the stand off that was in the CBD ahead of the Oppositions demonstration against Chilo-bae.

Scenes of grown up mothers running around butt naked in the streets in the name of supporting a ‘Leader ‘ is just traumatizing. Have we as Kenyans stooped that low? Like you left your kids at school and decided to go strip naked and parade yourself for your political preference. ….. Pathetic pathetic pathetic.

We as Kenyans just need sanity on this political arena. Sanity that brings harmony to our streets and lives. This back and forth dragging our country to the dirt is tiring. As my fellow kenyan, aren’t you tired of what our daily bulletins have become? Aren’t you tired of how down our financial situation has taken a nose dive?

How long are we going to sit and watch our country burn in silence? How long are we going to continue preaching hate against each other in the name of political affiliation? Does that politician visit your home to check on your family or to buy you dinner after you burn your amenities?

Think about that for a second. …



Tribal/Political Quagmire!!

Election fever is back yo! 😂. Finally we all get to listen to the “tialala ” tunes in the streets But on a serious note, many Kenyans are still in shock over the Friday Supreme Court ruling by Maraga. Well, some say that it’s a plot twist by the current acting regime, I don’t know about you but I commend the court for at least correcting a misconception Kenyans had against the Judicial system. I too commend the defendants for their calm nature and showing mature politics in light of the petition . Do not bash me ..

This however comes with alot of bitter words and the tribal wars from a section of political fans. I mean, it’s always been there since time before I was born but only gotten worse as age goes by. We see people bashing each other because of their last name. Like if your name is from this and this tribe you don’t deserve that because you and your tribesmen are this and that. This is a very big issue we have here and if not addressed has potential of going wrong in so many ways .

This is just that level of insanity and hatred. Like what did she do other than have the name to deserve such kind of utterances? I still don’t understand why people fight for battles none of them understand or know the root causes. As in what’s the political connection between a blood donation plea and the name the individual holds? Government portal really ? How low and evil can one get to defend their political affiliation ?

These two gentlemen represent two big political families. Clearly it’s only power play that we choose to see and turn a blind eye on their friendship. We need to outgrow the animosity we hold against each other and show a united front if we’re to better our beautiful country ,Kenya .

As we go back to the polls in two months, remember that our country needs us to perform our duty in peace and solidarity. Preach peace always.



Beautiful Darkness!!

We as Kenyans at times have this phase that shows how deeply united we are as a nation, show our love to our motherland Kenya. Oh that’s a beautiful moment alright and just when we are about to settle in the moment, darkness sets in. Sounds familiar right?

Six days ago we were all cheerful of our preferred leaders, urged everyone to cast their votes and head home peacefully as Kenya is and will remain bigger than all of us. I’m proud to admit that the turnout was on the record high and everything else was peaceful. I’m proud of my fellow countrymen.

That was beautiful and patriotic until it was not. I don’t know how that politician you support would come over to your house and ask you what you lost when you went chaotic burning up houses, shops and even the health utilities good samaritans helped put up for you. I just don’t understand how it jumped from we are one to who do you support.

Bus attack in Mathare

When are we ever going to learn that when you go out there blood thirsty killing your neighbor in the name of tribe is us inflicting pain on ourselves? So my preferred candidate didn’t win that particular post lemme run to the streets and burn shit up. Stupid is as stupid does.

The darkness hidden in people at times just freaks me out personally . We subject ourselves to pain which we can avoid . You and I as neighbors have nothing to gain from the power play . We can’t play judge and jury with violence . There is a constitutional solution for every single query we have .

An election day is a day for a people to come together and vote in who they want as their leader. There has to be a winner and of course a loser. Whichever way it goes we still have to go back to our normal day to day lives not fighting each other or calling each other names on the basis of who they voted for. Not going to the street and trying to show how strong we are .

Let’s say it like it is. Kenya has alot of tribes and those don’t need to matter at any point of time or situation . Just the way football unites us in our locals let’s get this damage over with and unite .




After watching 13 reasons why, I came to see the light on this overlooked problem, cyberbullying. It’s a simple thing as enjoying someone on social media. It’s fun till it’s not. We all have, no matter how small or funny it is. 
Truth be told, the person on the receiving end bears all the burden and pain of feeling unloved and above all, imagine the Low self-esteem issues s/he gets not forgetting the suicidal thoughts in mind. 

An example closer to us is the famous Gait trolls. KOT or rather Kenyans on social media broke him to pieces. Ninja cried on national Tv lamenting how bad it felt and how much of a joke he has been made to look.  

With the Meme trend on the rise, no one is safe… Kids, parents, artists  politicians, Joshuas. Sarcastic truth though, some of the victims like trolls because it’s publicity but question is what of the non celebrity peeps facing bullying? 

Cyberbullying is when a person uses digital technology to deliberately and repeatedly harass, humiliate, embarrass, torment, threaten, pick on or intimidate another person.Cyberbullying happens in lots of different ways – by mobile phone, text messages and email, in online games, and through social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Snapchat and Instagram.

Going on social media to talk about politics too is a pretty example of self bullying. You ask how? You wake up browse through the platforms and see some ninja tarnishing your favorite politician’s name online. What do you do? Join conversation and start arguments and hurling insults. What do you gain apart from getting angry? 

The popular Telegram. Yes you know where I’m going with this. As youths yes we get to have fun and I don’t think there’s a problem but the issue is the consequences of it. The expose channels for instance are part of the bullying. 

That’s how they make money and you fuelling the business by providing them with the material are one and the same. 

Are you part of this wave or do you want to be the change? 



Generation Invasion!

There’s this emerging trend from our female friends of classifying men or boys in relation to their pockets.  Yes, that sponsor trend. We as the ‘small ‘ boys are pushed to a corner by girls of our age since we have nothing to give them financially.  Consequentially, as our father figures are out chasing our beautiful born partners, the mother figures have also risen from their so called slumber and are all over the internet and entertainment spots eyeing the broke jobless ninjas of our generation.

 This change of culture is evidently been embraced in our day to day lives as now the older women are marrying young guys and young girls are being married off to the older men. 

Love has become an extinct word in our millenials’ dictionary. -Cera. 

A few days ago we saw a 70yr old man marry an 18yr old girl in Nigeria.  I don’t know about you but I don’t see any love in it. 

Controversial image of the apparent wedding in Nigeria
Convenience is key nowadays and the youths of today don’t really care about the path they take, as long as they pop those ‘botis’in those big boy clubs and splash it all over social media. I mean this is a combination of mid life crisis participants and peer influenced high life perception on the youth of my generation meaning NO LOVE

Big boy Club 

Both parties in my opinion are users and invaders of the general cycle of life. Like the young ladies and guys are leaving people of their age bracket for older guys who have the financial capacity to fuel their fun, ratchet lives and the older guys are there for fun. I don’t know but before I generalize everything and you bash me, I know that there’s the ‘age is just but a number‘ battalion who actually have genuine love for each other. 

I believe that there’s love out there and it doesn’t matter who you love,broke or rich. What matters is what one gets from the relationship they are in. Hey! That’s my opinion again so question is ,do y’all think there can be pure love in a relationship without the money aspect coming in? 



Blue uniform shenanigans. 

Let’s talk about police brutality today. We all have for different reasons been victims to our men in blue and their unrealistic behavior. We all know that they are there to serve and protect but do they really? 

Police beating up an activist.

I for one would love to meet a cop at those hours of the night, who would just stop me, ask me if I’m okay and tell me to stay safe.  That’s a long shot I know but is it possible? Nowadays people see cops or that cop car ‘mariamu ‘ and their instincts just tell them to run. Why? 
Once you get nabbed by those arrogant, stone faced ninjas all you can afford to think of is bail money.  It doesn’t matter the level of PR skills you have, that cop will rough you up in the name of security and public safety. Confidently flex their muscle and blatantly threaten to write all kinds of offences on your charge sheet just to show who is boss. 

Borrowed traumatizing picture

What’s your name? Who is your father? What are you doing out at night? Unataka kulala ndani gi-chana? Wapi kitambulisho? Nyinyi ndio mnahangaisha watu usiku kwa makona? Whether you are in that expensive suit or not, these questions will hit you. 

Away from the wee hour sagas, look at the way they handle people in peaceful riots. We all remember the case of that young man who got roughed up by our so called security. 

Police beating up a non responsive guy

I mean, if I come to you for a permit to go and rant about an issue in the streets, the Kenyan way, why beat me up for it? I believe that we as citizens have the freedom of expression and since your job description is security, stick to it or rather join the tae kwon do or kick boxing team if you can’t resist the urge to throw punches and kicks. 
I love our men in blue alright but should they be violent for respect?  Is that a requirement in your training? Please enlighten us who to look up to for safety. We need to feel safe around you guys but it’s the other way around.